1935 Establishment of Transports Vervaeke by Michel Vervaeke. At first agricultural products are transported.

1952 First transport of hazardous goods, i.e. sulphuric acid in bulk. Vervaeke is one of the very first transporters in Europe to transport chemical substances by road.

1955 The first goods are transported by tankers with an inner coating for highly corrosive substances. The substance is sodium hypochlorite.

1960 A second operating site is opened in Zellik near Brussels, a central location close to various new motorways and main roads.

1962 The first fuel transports take place.

1978 Vervaeke now focuses exclusively on tanker transport.

1985 The company celebrates its 50th anniversary. It now has a workforce of about 90 staff members

1990 Vervaeke installs one of the very first on-board computers in all its lorries.

1991 Vervaeke is one of the very first transport companies to obtain the ISO 9002 quality certificate.

1993 Vervaeke invests for the first time in 20 tankers with a larger volume capacity; the company has the first tankers built with special stainless steel materials to withstand highly corrosive substances; Vervaeke cooperates with the CEFIC to draw up the very first SQRS questionnaire, later to become known as the SQAS.

1994 A third operating site is opened in Seneffe; on 28 December, the 88-year-old founder Michel Vervaeke passes away.

2000 Vervaeke designs the ‘Safety Tank’ and starts using the first ‘ground-operated’ prototype tanker. With these tankers, the drivers can carry out all the operations without having to climb onto the tanker. The vehicle is also equipped with various emergency stop buttons.

2001 Opening of the modernised operating site in Zellik.

2004 First transport of silicone in bulk with a PistonTank. As a result, bulk delivery replaces the transport and handling of 144 barrels.

2006 The Spiere operating site is modernised.

2008 The first foreign site is opened in Luxembourg. The initial activities of this subsidiary consist of transporting fuel within Luxembourg; the 1000th truck since the firm was established is taken into the fleet.

2013 Vervaeke takes on the very first European LNG truck that is ADR approved for transporting hazardous substances. This reduces the CO2 emissions by 20 %.

2014 The second foreign site is opened in Lille, France; Vervaeke specialises further in the transport of high-temperature products. A fleet of over 40 vehicles carry various products at controlled temperatures. The product is heated to high temperatures when on the move and stationary.

2015 VERVAEKE celebrates its 80th anniversary.

2017 By acquiring the Dutch family owned company Van der Lee, VERVAEKE strengthens its strategic position in the Western European chemical clusters with 400 additional people, 6 sites in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, 300 tractors, 400 tanks and almost 100 extra years of experience.

2019 By acquiring the Dutch family owned company Jan Dohmen, VERVAEKE gets a strong position in multimodal transport, not only in Europe but also globally and brings the Dutch company Jan Dohmen in a new growth cycle