VERVAEKE is fully committed to ensuring that its activities are sustainable. The company therefore stands squarely behind the QHSE principles (Quality Health Safety Environment).


This commitment is reflected in the company’s driver recruitment policy. The starting point is that VERVAEKE not only has to ensure that it deploys the best possible vehicles, but also competent drivers who are trained to be able to deal with each specific freight.

After the initial screening, every VERVAEKE driver is therefore trained by a qualified ‘sponsor’ driver. Only after a positive assessment from this sponsor (in conjunction with the supervisors), can a driver be deployed autonomously. Training is also provided concerning the products transported.

The VERVAEKE supervisors – experienced former drivers specially trained in instructing, driving proficiency and safety – then continue to follow the drivers, paying particular attention to safe and environmentally friendly behaviour. They have a wide range of technical means at their disposal for this purpose, as well as clear lists of procedures and checks to be carried out.


Regarding the environment, VERVAEKE not only takes care to prevent accidents and environmental damage, but also pays great attention to reducing fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions. Various actions are taken to this end, such as training, following up and supporting drivers, regularly renewing tractors and actively cooperating with clients.

Each driver is informed monthly (or more frequently if necessary) on the basis of driving style analyses, consumption figures, inspection results, etc., so as to ensure constant improvement in their performance.

Since 2013, VERVAEKE has also been running a trial project with a dual-fuel tractor, whereby diesel is combined with liquefied natural gas (LNG). This results in a substantial reduction in particle and CO2 emissions. Moreover, this vehicle is the first dual-fuel tractor in Europe authorised for ADR transport.

VERVAEKE’s efforts in favour of the environment were rewarded in 2013 with a ‘Green Truck Award’.


To follow up prevention as well as possible internally, VERVAEKE has three qualified safety advisors specialising in hazardous substances, a level I prevention advisor and five level III prevention advisors.

To ensure optimal safety for drivers and at the points of loading and unloading, VERVAEKE actively promotes the use of the SULID document. When this checklist has been filled in, it provides a comprehensive overview of the situation at the points of loading and unloading.