Perfectly cleaned tanks are vitally important for safe, reliable and environmentally friendly logistics chains. VERVAEKE has two of its own tank-cleaning stations – in Zellik and in Spiere – which meet the most stringent requirements and can deal with virtually any product.

The stations are SQAS assessed. VERVAEKE is also recognised by the European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations (EFTCO) to issue the European Cleaning Document (ECD). This document indicates that any cleaning undertaken is carried out to the highest safety, environmental and quality standards. Moreover, VERVAEKE has its own water purification facilities to ensure optimal environmental protection.

VERVAEKE goes further than the applicable requirements. For instance, the company has developed a programme that not only takes into account of the specific cleaning requirements of the client, but also guarantees that the next product can be loaded safely and securely.

During each cleaning process, the times and temperatures are meticulously recorded. This ensures precise traceability throughout the entire process.